Today was my Senior Portfolio Review and I’m proud to say I was actually proud of it. I feel as if most creatives are hardest on their own work and it’s no simple task being totally satisfied with an outcome. There is always room for improvement, for change, for growth, but that does not negate the small victories along the way. We are called to rejoice in those moments of silent jubilation and give God the glory in everything we make. If theres anything ive learned from my time at Liberty and the creative souls ive had the pleasure of encountering daily, its simply this. Love God, Work hard, Stay humble and in time you will see His fruits flourish in your life and others. #portfolio #libertyuniversity #graphicdesign #senior #graduation (at clubbhouse)

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  1. pureblyss said: Gosh this is so awesome, Alex. I’m so proud of you and so inspired! Now I just I want to see what is in that lovely portfolio :)
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  6. thenessa said: it’s a pretty wonderful feeling to like the things you’ve made. not to be satisfied with them… but to like them. congratulations! keep up the great work. here’s wishing you loads of creative growth & fulfillment in the future.
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  13. ever-gazing said: Oh, portfolio review ;) The cover looks great!
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